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3 Pillars of MATABOURNE Apparel Technology 


Does it hold up to the demands of the sport - every single day?


Does it feel good to sweat in, roll around in, to run in, and to chillax in?


Is it unique? Is it classy? Does is turn heads?

Finally, Exclusive Fabrics for the Mat Life

MATABOURNE has a simple mission when it comes to textile innovation - give wrestlers what they never had, but always needed.

Lightweight and fast-drying material.

Heavier, soft material to keep the heat in and work up a sweat. 

A mid-weight, ultra-soft feel for any time of year. 

Engineered for the mat life. 

What are the benefits?
MataThread blends by MATABOURNE are comprised of lightweight materials that allow for ultimate breathability and flexibility.

Why do wrestlers need it? 
Long periods of intense training and sweat calls for gear that is undetectable to the body for hours on end. No clinging. No permanent stretching.

Get Your Sweat On.

What are the benefits?
StormRush blends by MATABOURNE have been engineered to produce the results of traditional sweatshirts and sweatpants, but with a more dynamic flare that turns heads everywhere you go.

Why do wrestlers need it? 
With wrestling taking place mostly in winter months, wrestlers depend on heavier fabrics to recycle body heat into energy.

Additionally, what you won't see in plain-sight is the interlocking hemming stitch technique inside that results in extremely strong seams to stand the test of time.


Stretchy. Soft. Breathable. But Cozy.

What are the benefits?
ButterFleece is a mid-weight, soft and stretchy material engineered for working out and wrestling just as much as lounging. The 6-way stretch in combination with a thin inner fleece lining will give you comfort no other material or brand can provide - and we stand by that.  

Why do wrestlers need it? 
The perfect mid-weight blend for any occasion: whether on the mat, going for a long run, working up a last minute sweat for weight-ins, or simply lounging around. No matter how hard you push it in ButterFleece they will return to form providing a long-lasting, reliable fit you can count on.

The Word Around Town

"My joggers just came in and certainly have exceeded my expectations. Keep doing what you're doing MATABOURNE!"


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